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Bipolar affective disorder, likewise called Manic-Depression or even Manic-Depressive-Illness, is actually a mental disorder characterized through a rotating trend of mental highs (mania) and lows (depression). This health condition is divided in to two principal sub-types: Bipolar I problem, along with the presence of at least one crazed episode; and also Bipolar II ailment, along with a minimum of one episode of clinical depression and also at least one hypomanic episode. Additionally, some individuals possess rapid biking bipolar affective disorder, with four or even even more state of mind swings within twelve months; and combined state bipolar affective disorder, through which signs of each frenzy and also clinical depression occur simultaneously. The root cause of bipolar affective disorder is actually unfamiliar, but a variety of biochemical, hereditary as well as ecological aspects are actually recognized to cause this disorder.

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